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A Course in Self Determination

Creating a Prosperous Life Starts with Having a PLAN

From One Generation To the Next!

Investing in the Minds of Our Next Generations!

The Solution is YOU, Right Here and NOW! 

So, matter your circumstance rich or poor, nationality, or country, the journey begins with YOU. 

This is a personal journey in your growth and development which is 

Physical, Mental and Spiritual. 

Let the Journey begin ...

Take the Time and really read and listen to what is being said, and I guarantee you, YOU will want to share it with family and friends. This is not a get rich quick scheme, although your life will become richer, if you are a dedicated participate. 

This Membership Program is based upon the Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm ("Work") you put into helping yourself and others around you to become better. I know this website along with our home study curriculum, lectures, seminars, and online forums will help and assist you to grow into becoming the well rounded focused and knowledgeable individual you always wanted to become. 

This is not about religion or religious cults, it is about finding common ground, where we can ALL come together in the spirit of love, peace and prosperity and not greed, oppression and injustice but, if those who are disenfranchised do not stand up and help themselves, who will? and, the generational curse of poverty will continue to hold you and your family hostage.

You have been given everything necessary to make a difference in your life. Each person will stand before God based upon how they used their own Energy, Efforts and Enthusiasm and how they used these "three gifts" to improve their life, and bless those less fortunate around them. And, if you are a person that "judges" others, remember that same judgment will be used as a measure of judgment against YOU in the end.
So, if Life is your "test" then, in Life you must find your "purpose". 
Let me Help You on this Journey!
I have made this journey very affordable, but YOU must reach for it.
"Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." Malachi 3:10.

 "There is a life changing blessing waiting for YOU, if you can take hold of it, by making education and working with others your top priority. Even if you are at the bottom of your life or the top. I want you to know that God Loves you and wants you to be happy. God wants us to turn our face back to him and become "Loving" towards ourselves and each other. It is our lack of "Loving Spirit" and poor work ethic which keeps us struggling, and not able to seek and SEE that the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is here and NOW!

 The message is CLEAR, invest/sow (10%) of your Time, Talents and Treasures into your own personal growth and development while working with others (Fellowship) to sharpen your skill base, in order to REAP your harvest. 


Investing in "self" and working with others in the spirit of Unity is necessary for your Personal Growth and Development!


You Don't Need a Degree to take these courses
Whether YOU  have one or not, doesn't matter, because ...

YOU should still pass through these Wealth Management doors!

A '12 step' spiritual and economic personal development program.  A supplement to your development. I am not trying to recruit you from your church where you worship. I just want our spiritual centers to evolve in order to cure the sick and feed the poor, by helping them to become fishers of men and not beggars of men. Jesus was educated and so were his disciples willing to be educated.  Education and Training while doing business together will end your poverty! 

First, invest in the material, so I can walk with you on your journey.

I guarantee it will bless your life with over 30 years of Knowledge and Wisdom, that you can use in your everyday life in pursuit of the American Dream. Share the information with your family and friends.

It is a priceless and affordable investment to take with you on your Journey to Personal Growth and Development.

Purchase your Life Coach material today for less than one attorney hour. Become better informed and prepared about the spiritual and economic "Life" you seek. Get out of financial and legal debt by helping yourself and others. A true fresh start!


Through this Ministry, you can obtain a broader perspective which will benefit you, as you grow for only $19.99 per month which will save you thousands and/or make you thousands. Once you get the knowledge, we can begin to build wealth together. 

Success is waiting for You!


Be Prepared!        Get Prepared!      Stay Prepared!


More about the Pastor


LISTEN! This is a personal journey to excellence. This will be your secret weapon in life. Just make sure your teenagers and young adults get a copy of the Home Study Course/Text Book. The course is so important because it takes them on the journey of spiritual and financial success, which shows them the importance of hard work, education and, once they start getting paid, how to manage that income, in order to acheive and maintain the American Dream. All for the price of a pair of tennis shoes, which will help them buy their own children some tennis shoes and more, when the time comes.

So, don't let them leave home without it!

Our Motto:

"The body is the vessel of the mind and the mind is the vessel of the spirit;

Strengthen the body and the mind shall benefit;

Develop the mind and the spirit shall prosper."

This is a Spiritual Wellness, Financial Literacy and Business Development Ministry. You will no longer have to let others define YOU! This 21 st Century Ministry is personal to YOU, which will focus on your Spiritual Health and Financial well being, helping to develop a complete individual and functional families, which will lead to equally yoked relationships whose participants will be able to function in society and work with others to build better families and communities!

This is my prophetic mission!

My mission is very ambitious, which is to help each individual participant to reach another level in life by creating an environment where we can learn from each other, while training a new generation of achievers to carry the torch of progress. The first stage is to provide a mechanism for each person to get out of debt, and stay out of debt, clean up any legal issues and then put money in your account by participating in our educational and fellowship programs. This is our formula for empowerment through the process of rebuilding individuals, families and communities. This is a Personal Development Ministry designed to enhance each person's life over a short period of time (One Year Course!), when you purchase our home study curriculum and get involved in this Ministry of CHANGE. So, let me help to train your next generation of family leaders (CEO's) because each young person before they begin raising a family, should understand that the home is a business entity that must be operated at a profit.

This is a real opportunity, that costs much less, since the majority of Americans will never go to college. I am bringing college to YOU, at a fraction of the cost. The text book is being referred to as 'The Book of Life' - How to obtain and maintain the American Dream! This is a Ministry that has been developed to meet the needs of the people. So, this is a tithing Ministry, which is defined as investing a small portion of your Time, Talents and Treasures into your own personal growth and development. This means in order for the program to work for you, you must slow down and dedicate at least 3-4 hours per week in the study of our home study material (10% of your work week hours). We also have a 12 week crash course to get you started as a distributor, only if you are interested in earning extra income, while educating and blessing yourself and others. This Ministry can grow with your support through the purchasing of the home study material. This Ministry is not a one way transaction. For your contribution, you will receive even more than you realized was possible 'overflow', in return for your investment in self, while you bless others around you.

The blessing is in the material and then, it is up to YOU!

First, slow down, and take a few deep inhaling cleansing breaths. Take a moment to relax and feel and be thankful for this opportunity that is about to unfold in your life. We all know things in our life could be better and we hope, that someday, a certain relationship would get better, while waiting to hit the lottery, but unless we start within ourselves with a plan. We will be doing the same thing over hoping for a different result. Relax for a moment and if you don't already know, knowledge and wisdom is eternal and so are you, but there are spiritual and natural laws that must be followed, such as "WORK". What will be your Legacy? It starts here, by helping us to help you. I can assure you, that you will receive more than you ever thought possible by taking the time to open up your mind and wallet, in order to invest in a more affordable and relevant approach to your spiritual and economic well being. 


"Every Person who seeks enlightenment evolves to become a

'Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity',"

which is transliterated into,

"Prosperous Servant of GOD".

The Door is open, will you walk through!

Go to membership right now and begin to plant seeds of personal growth and development into your life.

My God Bless You in Your Energy, Efforts and Enthusiasm.

Rev. Claud S. Sinclair, Pastor of The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity.


The Pastor's Mission should you choose to invest in self ...

  • is to create a people and society which invests in self and helps each other.
  • is to help individuals to develop a "Life Plan" in order to see the big picture, by teaching the difference between "making a living" and living a " prosperous life".

  • is to expose you to the ancient wisdom's and how these ancient teachings have been taken apart and used to create the various religions, and how those in power, have used these sacred religious teachings to manipulate, confuse and separate the people, thereby putting each of us in bondage. We will study documented historical records of events and how these teachings affect our life. This type of scholarly study will allow individuals to become better informed, which will expand their minds, thereby, fostering the development of well reasoned individuals able to evolve into becoming critical thinkers, who are able to determine the true course of rectitude for themselves. This approach will create more understanding, empathy and compassion within homes, communities and society allowing us together to break the chains poverty and mental despair (because spiritual and economic bondage is color blind).

  • is to help our youngest generations to appreciate and yearn for knowledge as they grow and mature, and what hard intellectual work can help them to achieve. Such a path produces a state of balance and well being within themselves over time, while they learn to compete and prosper in a business oriented society. Each person in our community should have the opportunity to develop and pursue their own gifts and passions with each others support.

  • is to improve the financial literacy and business climate within our homes and communities by providing a fundamental BUSINESS and LEGAL education to each person in the privacy of their homes and providing a means to finance these new opportunities.

  • is to help you to understand the value of KNOWLEDGE and help you to use your financial resources wisely. The difference between a financial education and consumer based financial education.

  • is to help you and your children to UNDERSTAND and appreciate how income producing "skills" coupled with good financial management can help you to achieve and sustain your dreams and goals in life.

  • is to teach our young adults the WHY of being PREPARED for the life ahead with a Vision/PURPOSE coupled with a PLAN to Achieve their objectives/GOALS.

  • is to put this education into the the hearts and minds of our parent's and family members on the importance of laying the proper spiritual and economic foundation in your life through a will, living trust, incorporating a family business, insurance and more, in order to stop family wealth from being lost and wasted, while preparing the next generation in the same way, to receive the wealth and BUILD upon it. This is the whole objective of the Ministry and Company, right here

  • is to provide Entrepreneurial and Apprenticeship training programs through our "on line" and "on site" lectures, training programs and more.

  • is to provide on The Job Training ("O.J.T") opportunities through this Ministry for creating new ministers, who are loving people, educated in our financial management program in order to help their communities, as it relates to getting their spiritual houses in order, home economics, household budgeting, business plans and its implementation and management. This will help restore and strengthen families.

  • is to curtail excessive consumerism which causes individual and group poverty and instead concentrate on minimalism.

  • is to create equally yoked relationships and stronger families through responsible financial management and planning.

  • is to create Loving and Caring members/citizens of society.
  • is to change the game of life, by puting a University of History, Finance, Economics, Law and much more ... in each home for only $19.99 per month. All you need is a computer and internet connection, along with our 12 step home study course materials. Act now and become a part of this great life changing opportunity.

Put a TEMPLE OF INNER PEACE AND PROSPERITY in Your Home which is a Ministry which concentrates on developing you through our spiritual, financial and legal educational programs, including lectures, seminars and apprenticeship training. 
 Raising the bar to Excellence!

Welcome to Boardwalk Management and Investment Group

A Personal Development Company

Getting Back to the Original

Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare 

The Family !

You already Know, sign up for our Emails here and don't miss the opportunity to receive a Boardwalk "Life Plan" Workbook to get you started on

YOUR JOURNEY to Personal Growth and Development.

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Disclaimer: This is a for profit membership website and its content is for educational and personal development purposes only. Attorney Claud A. Sinclair, Attorney at Law, A California Licensed Attorney, and an Ordained Minister, has used his Time, Talents and Treasures to give back to his community by creating Boardwalk Management and Investment Group and the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity, in order to provide an inexpensive supplemental education to help our young men and women, families and communities both young and old become better informed and educated members of society. If professional or legal advice is needed it is recommended that you seek a competent professional with the knowledge and skills necessarily related to your particular area of interest.

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