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A 21st Century Ministry in Self Determination through 
         Personal Growth and Development.

Put A University In Your Home and become your own (Oxford University, England).


Watch Now free for a limited time only! . Our People Perish For The Lack Of Knowledge!

Certain programming may require membership or payment to access its content. Enjoy and I hope You decide to become a part of a village that believes in giving back a portion of their blessings to help others. 

Boardwalk Management and Investment Group Digital University in your Home. Our first year curriculum is designed to help you to spiritually, physically and financially to get your Temple in order, that will help you to grow as a person and able to lead a more productive and prosperous life. 

Don't be a victim of ignorance because it will eventually COST you everything including your SOUL!

Over the past 50 years, at least, we have seen the world transform before our eyes.  The internet has become a critical tool and a crucial part of our lives. It has become an important intellectual and technological tool for us and our children. The internet has given us access to information and opportunities which were not even imagined 30 years ago. As Americans we have the ability to communicate better and have access to even greater information and opportunities for us and our children. Education is very important and has been something denied to too many Americans. Our company is determined to change this, and that is why we are putting a College/University type experience into every home. So take advantage of this opportunity, to excel.  The goal is to teach each of us to be better organized and focused stewards that respect ourselves and each other, making us all better able to live a comfortable, peaceful and purposeful existence.


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Disclaimer: This is a for profit membership website and its content is for educational and personal development purposes only. Attorney Claud A. Sinclair, Attorney at Law, A California Licensed Attorney, and an Ordained Minister, has used his Time, Talents and Treasures to give back to his community by creating Boardwalk Management and Investment Group and the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity, in order to provide an inexpensive supplemental education to help our young men and women, families and communities both young and old become better informed and educated members of society. If professional or legal advice is needed it is recommended that you seek a competent professional with the knowledge and skills necessarily related to your particular area of interest.

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