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A Course in Self Determination
  • Let's Discuss TITHING, which declares GOD's work must be funded. 

  • In this ministry 10% of your Time, Talents and Treasures reflects the ancients' concept of tithing. This is how their societies prospered. Tithing flowed into rebuilding their persons, relationships, homes, neighborhoods and communities (21st Century Kingdom Building Work). 

  • GOD demands that He is first. Many will say, God gives us "free will". Free Will to do what? I can guarantee you, it does not involve, YOU not being the best person you can become.

  • So, in order to put GOD first, you must be prosperous and multiply your time, talents and treasures. So, in order to TITHE you must put in your Time and use your Talent to produce a Treasure. Kingdom Building simply translates as follows, in order to give GOD your best. Guess what? Yes, You must become your best. 

  • So you see serving GOD, is a Win, Win situation. You give GOD your best, by becoming your best. You can't buy a blessing you must earn your blessings. And just think of the tremendous store house of blessings, that God has for you, in your life, when you turn your face to GOD and do it His WAY by developing your Mind, Body and Soul and work together in UNITY.

  • Some say, that the GOD's Way/Law of "structure and discipline" has been done away with. And I say, on what authority are you calling GOD a lie. Have YOU lost your mind! 

  • Let me say, that GOD through His Commandments can establish order which provides structure for our lives, and upon this, we will be judged. Just as it is, the parents role is to give structure to their children, whom we love and cherish in order to keep them from destruction. 

  • When you take away the Laws of God from the hearts of men and not follow his commandments. You destroy the people and their families because there is no structure and GOD is not in them, so confusion prevails.

  • Even in the world, if you break its laws, you will be punished. The same is true in GOD's Kingdom. It just makes sense! Some new testament scholars go on to say, but for the law! I would not be a sinner, so instead of compliance with GOD's law that produces Peace and Prosperity. Some historical "Apostate", rewrote God's law, tainting our relationship with GOD, because commandments, such as, thou shall not rob, kill or destroy, was not in line with their particular nature, and since they couldn't posibly live up to that standard, the law was cunningly did away with by confusing the purpose of God's law and thrusting the ancient of days into idol worship. 

  • These changes blasphemed GOD, saying that his Laws are not pure and just, and good for humanity, not to mention the fact these Laws were given by the Great I AM who spoke them and not by someone who fell off a donkey. 

  • Finally, you may say that you do not believe in GOD, but I say to you this. Whenever, you take a pleasant, soothing breath, just think about it, you are praising GOD, whether you acknowledge it or not.

  • The question now becomes, are you going to become a "prosperous servant of GOD", by investing 10% of your Time, Talents and Treasures into your Personal Growth and Spiritual Development through the "renewing of your mind". 

  • This is where The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity comes in because we have created a Ministry which is online, where you can grow and develop at your own pace and put GOD's plan for your life into action. 

  • So, turn your face back to GOD and His ways, and HE will restore your land through your Personal Growth and Development, which has a direct correlation to the Energy, Efforts and Enthusiasm you put into your own study and personal growth. 

  • This is the new doctrine of the 21st Century. A Personal Growth and Development Ministry that creates better stewards for GOD, which translates into creating better individuals and communities, thereby creating a better society. WE fall down but WE get up because GOD always has a "ram in the bush". 

  • A supplement to your spiritual worship and personal developoment. 

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Disclaimer: This is a for profit membership website and its content is for educational and personal development purposes only. Attorney Claud A. Sinclair, Attorney at Law, A California Licensed Attorney, and an Ordained Minister, has used his Time, Talents and Treasures to give back to his community by creating Boardwalk Management and Investment Group and the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity, in order to provide an inexpensive supplemental education to help our young men and women, families and communities both young and old become better informed and educated members of society. If professional or legal advice is needed it is recommended that you seek a competent professional with the knowledge and skills necessarily related to your particular area of interest.

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