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  • Just four (4) sales per month in this program can add an additional $1,800.00 per month to your household budget, by encouraging family members and friends to enroll in your personal growth and development Ministry. What single mother or stay at home mom or dad, struggling to make ends meet could not use this extra help each month to get ahead financially?  This is just a part of the difference that can be made by each person recruiting 4 people each and every month, thereby, recycling wealth through our community through education and mentoring. In order for us to Become MO Better, we must learn how to invest in each other in order to DO Better. I'm making it profitable to lift up your neighbor.
  • For example, in the Platinum Program, one hundred (100) sales equals $45,000 in affiliate commissions. WOW! This represents a 2,900 percent return on your initial investment of $1,500.00. This is your new stock market. People Power through Education. It's better than the stock market and much safer, all by investing in yourself and opening your mouth to bless/help others.   
  • You are always in control over your ROI because it is based on your Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm. Let us rebuild through education and by recycling just a portion of our consumer spending into our own personal growth and development - A form of Reparations. Teamwork makes the Dream Work. We can recycle billions of dollars each year through our homes and communities just by reeducating and investing in yourselves and each other.
  • You can use this program to get out of debt and begin to grow wealth. Your affiliate account will allow this money to be invested directly into your account as it is earned. What a joy, a Ministry that actually puts money into your pocket, finally! This is what a Ministry should be, do you not agree? Profitable!  So, ask Yourself - Is what YOU are currently doing Profitable in the short-term and long-term?
  • This program can also help with you building your own Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity Ministry and/or help meet your funding needs in order to fund your LIFE ACTION PLAN.  It can also help satisfy your grant funding needs and/or help with funding your goals, dreams and getting out of debt. 
  • This is the best solution to funding your business start up costs and most importantly, you get the education and knowledge NEEDED to use YOUR NEW financial resources wisely in the funding of your success.  How great is this?


The M.L.K.,  "I Have A VISION" - Packet ($495)

Even Dr. Martin Luther King would be happy to know, that the rights and privileges that he and many of our ancestors struggled, fought and died, are being preserved and strengthened by those who enjoyed the direct benefits of their valiant efforts. In addition, the further act of encouraging our youth to value education and start new businesses, making sure that those hard fought for opportunites, dreams and visions of FREEDOM, will never die, leaving an everlasting legacy of good stewardship.

At this low price of $495.00 includes these digital products to help in your training, development and recruiting campaign [Hard copies are available for download]:

  • Text Book "UnCommon Knowledge the Series, 12 chapters, 688 pages with a quiz after each chapter
  • 12 C.D.'s reviewing each chapter
  • Calendar Workbook reviewing each monthly lesson with an associated project.
  • Calendar which includes monthly scheduled family and group meeting to review your budgets and more.
  • A Twelve step program in powerful strategies and steps to achieving and maintaining your Goals and Dreams.
  • Venture Capital Distributor Training Presentation(s) to help in your team recruiting.
  • A Prosperity Presentation and much more.

Upon enrollment in the M.L.K. Program you will be eligible to receive a 10% affiliate commission on all paid referrals to the program at this level only.

There are pass/fail quizzes at the end of each chapter and a final exam at the end of the 12 month course to help reinforce learning.


Platinum - Packet ($2,500.00)

*Platinum Series is our premier Online digital packet which includes all of the above plus more [Hard copies are downloable]:

Enrollment in the Platinum Course will allow you to earn affiliate commissions of up to 30% up to $1,500.00 of program cost allowing you to fund your projects and grant fundidng needs through this economic stimulus program. 

Each One Teach One - Earn While YOU Learn Program.

Certain restrictions will apply such as program completion and continued Membership. The program may be completed sooner based upon the effort of the motivated student. Sticking to the timeline will allow you to reflect and grow with the material.

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YOU SPEND MORE MONEY ON CARS, CLOTHES, ALCOHOL, BLUNTS, HOOKERS, FALSE TEACHINGS and Nonsense each Day which is more than .67 cents per day. The cost of this Program!

So, Will YOU ...

be a part of the Change YOU seek! 

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