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Take the Path of Personal Growth which leads to your Spiritual Development and improved SELF ESTEEM!

Background Overview of the Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, ESQ. MENTOR:

High School Graduate John Adams (Mighty Rebels), Cleveland Ohio (Plan A)

United States Air Force 4 years - Medic/Pharmacy Technician (Plan A)

After serving in the military, I worked as a civilian Pharmacy Technician part time years while completing Degree(s) in:

Bachelors Degree in Financial Management (Plan A)

Bachelors Degree, concentration in Economics (Plan A)

Certificate in Financial Instruments (Plan A)

Employed as a Financial/Cost Analyst in various Aerospace and Commercial Settings for over 12 years after college (Plan A)

Self employed part time during same time period, as a Personal Financial Planner and Tax Preparer for over 14 years (Plan B)

Proceeded to Law School 10 years after graduation from college (Plan B)

My Plan A plus Plan B turned into my own full time legal practice.

Currently, A California licensed attorney for over 24 years! (A Strategic Life Plan)

A 21st Century Minister for over 13 years. What do I mean by 21st Century? Your Life is your Prayer and Testimony by keeping the Commandments of God. In this Ministry I specifically outline what these are and how they are to be implemented in your LIFE. I then make sure that my members are prepared to compete in LIFE through study and apprenticeship. In this Ministry Blessings are designed to flow both ways and is not a one way transaction.

Prosperity is achieved in this Ministry by learning to Work Together with others in the spirit of Love AND Unity.

By learning Personal Responsibility you discover that YOU are in charge of your LIFE. YOU can then proceed with this understanding to create your complete person (Spiritually, Physically, Intellectually and Financially!) which encompasses the all - Mind, Body and Soul. 

This is how YOU Balance!

If one of these pillars is out of balance, it could pull down the whole Temple (Person). 

Plan C - This is the MONEY stage where your PREPARATION and HARD WORK begin to WORK for you. This is how you prepare to Earn after YOU Learn!

Your Ultimate Goal is to be of Service to others.

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Disclaimer: This is a membership website and its content is for educational and business development purposes only. Our Founder, Pastor and CEO, Claud A. Sinclair, is an Ordained Minister in Life and not Death. He is a licensed Attorney going on 23 years, in the State of California, who believes that if a person is properly groomed and developed and given the proper tools for success, they can and will become a beacon of light in their own life and a creator/blessing to those they come into contact. This is his vision of a 21st Century Ministry, a wealth creation and preservation membership, which requires like any other Ministry, a portion of the members Time, Talents and Treasures to dedicate in self study and group participation in the areas of spiritual attainment, history, politics, personal and business management, law and critical thinking. The membership is an investment in yourself just like any other educational and personal development program, but we concentrate on understanding ourselves and the world we live in order to become more competitive. In essence we take our reality based Faith and put it to Work. This 21st Century Ministry is like no other, because is not a 1 way transaction, but 2 way transaction where blessings and opportunities flow both ways. As individuals, we spend countless years and resources seeking wealth and prosperity, but we really don't understand the fundamentals of wealth creation, accumulation and preservation, which is because of our lack of knowledge in this area.  So, this is a non expensive supplemental education that can be introduced into your homes in order to help our young men and women,  both young and old, become better informed and educated members within an ever evolving competitive world. One of the biggest problems that we face is the proper creation, accumulation and preservation of wealth, while creating the infrastructure of generational wealth, which is the passing of wealth from one generation to the next. This means that each individual and generation must be properly educated and financially savvy enough to handle wealth, without bickering and fighting among one another. Take the time to go through each step of the 12 step process, which has been created for your overall personal growth and financial development. This membership will enhance your life, JOIN NOW! 

Please note, that if professional or legal advice is needed it is recommended that you seek a competent professional with the knowledge and skills necessarily related to your particular area of interest.

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