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The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

is a "Personal Development" and Entreprenuerial Ministry whose mission is to empower our "teenager's", adult's, families and communities by providing a home based college curriculum in Religion,  History, Politics, Critical Thinking, Business, Economics and Law.

 The goal is to produce a better educated and informed society in the areas of honesty, integrity, history, personal finance, business and law, thereby creating common sense abililties in the person, which will equal profitable individuals, relationships, homes and businesses while alleviating the generational curse of poverty and despair. This program of personal development will allow us to break new ground by creating and attracting the brightest minds and businesses within our communities around the globe. (One Person at a Time). 


"When You 'Know Better' You Do Better"

"When You Get Give and When You Learn Teach"

by Maya Angelou



So, its Time to Develop an Attitude of Change!





















Pray for Wisdom so you can receive It! 

When we realize we know nothing,
but become willing to listen and seek after knowledge, 
We then, become Wise because we learn from each other.
Each One Teach One
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People spend their lives seeking after riches and fame, but when it arrives, how do you preserve it, enjoy it, and pass on an inheritance to your grandchildren, without being taught?




Let's BE More!















This is the 21st Century!

We need to use our collective Time, Talents and Treasures to reach out to LOVE, Educate and Develop those around us and then BUILD. 

If Not ...

This could be YOU and/or YOUR child, if we don't stop to rethink our economic strategies and begin to prepare ourselves better. Take a look at the pictures that follow and take a drive down your cities skid row.

I can guarantee you this, that no one "planned" for it! 
















We need decent living conditions and opportunities.

A better educated society means more powerful citizens in the community able to make better decisions.

(A Life plan concentrates on developing Mind, Body and Soul).




























































Train your children and you will be amazed at the results when they become adults.


Membership is a great opportunity for you and your family to put a University of Finance and Economics In Your Home for a donation of only $30 per month!

This is your chance to be better, stronger and wiser.


      Technology has made Education Affordable !

There is no magic, until you invest a portion of your Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm in your own personal growth and development and get PAID sharing your passion for success while doing it!

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A recent study by The Associated Press indicated that 80% of adults in America, at some point in their lives, face joblessness, poverty, or dependence on welfare. As of 2012, poverty rates in America had reached the highest rate in half a century, yet both the problem and the people who face it are “invisible” in America. The study particularly highlighted the enormous growth of economic insecurity among white Americans, noting that poverty is no longer necessarily an issue of race. However, the image of white poverty that the study presents also reminds us that even among those promoting change, the often inaccurate stereotypes surrounding poverty contribute to America's failure to support its poor by addressing the issue of poverty.

So, as Americans, this is our opportunity to address this issue ourselves.  

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Disclaimer: This is a membership website and its content is for educational and business development purposes only. Our Founder, Pastor and CEO, Claud A. Sinclair, is an Ordained Minister in Life and not Death. He is a licensed Attorney going on 23 years, in the State of California, who believes that if a person is properly groomed and developed and given the proper tools for success, they can and will become a beacon of light in their own life and a creator/blessing to those they come into contact. This is his vision of a 21st Century Ministry, a wealth creation and preservation membership, which requires like any other Ministry, a portion of the members Time, Talents and Treasures to dedicate in self study and group participation in the areas of spiritual attainment, history, politics, personal and business management, law and critical thinking. The membership is an investment in yourself just like any other educational and personal development program, but we concentrate on understanding ourselves and the world we live in order to become more competitive. In essence we take our reality based Faith and put it to Work. This 21st Century Ministry is like no other, because is not a 1 way transaction, but 2 way transaction where blessings and opportunities flow both ways. As individuals, we spend countless years and resources seeking wealth and prosperity, but we really don't understand the fundamentals of wealth creation, accumulation and preservation, which is because of our lack of knowledge in this area.  So, this is a non expensive supplemental education that can be introduced into your homes in order to help our young men and women,  both young and old, become better informed and educated members within an ever evolving competitive world. One of the biggest problems that we face is the proper creation, accumulation and preservation of wealth, while creating the infrastructure of generational wealth, which is the passing of wealth from one generation to the next. This means that each individual and generation must be properly educated and financially savvy enough to handle wealth, without bickering and fighting among one another. Take the time to go through each step of the 12 step process, which has been created for your overall personal growth and financial development. This membership will enhance your life, JOIN NOW! 

Please note, that if professional or legal advice is needed it is recommended that you seek a competent professional with the knowledge and skills necessarily related to your particular area of interest.

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