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The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity will present to you various works that educate and inspire us to seek the truth and allow us to study to show ourselves approved unto God so that we may not be deceived by the cunning indoctrination of false teachings. 

The Book of Barnabas is a book worthy of scholarly study for the year. I chose this book because it chose me (A story for another Time). 

I guarantee that these lessons will shake and stir you at your spiritual core, believers and non believers alike. 


The Book of Barnabas an Apostle of Jesus Christ

These are said to be the teachings of Jesus Christ when in private with his disciples as written down by the Apostle Barnabas.  Barnabas is said to be a true Disciple because he actually walked with Jesus and was taught by Jesus and not based upon hearsay.  Jesus detailed teachings are riveting and shocking and answers many of the questions we have about God, Satan, Heaven, and man’s purpose on Earth.  It will set you free and apart from sin! I was raised and indoctrinated in the Gentile bible and these teachings correspond with the bible in specific respects and shows where the bible "as taught" is in error. Jesus goes into great detail about our salvation and reveals his true gospel which has been altered by man, of which Paul was also deceived.

If you are new to the bible or a seasoned churched (indoctrinated) pew sitter, you will be prepared to separate the wheat (truth) from the chaff (deceit) in this riveting examination of this new found text, as allegedly taught by Jesus Christ.  These messages although not a part of your religious teachings, show the spiriutal Jesus in rare form, with a detailed discussion of how to free your soul from bondage and strengthen your faith in God, in the love that God has for YOU. You do what you want with the information. 

These are the lessons about the Kingdom of God that never made it into the Gentile bible for whatever reason. Your very soul is at stake, so enjoy these new lessons, so we can come together in fellowship and discuss the lessons with one another according to the Commandments of God. See Temple Discussion Forum.

You will be able to order the complete recorded lessons very soon!



about Barnabas the Commandment is “If he comes unto you, receive him”, (Epistle to the Colossians, Chapter 4, Verse 10). Edited and Translated from the Italian MS. In the Imperial Library at Vienna by Lonsdale and Laura Ragg.

  • True Gospel of Jesus, called Christ, a new prophet sent by God to the world: according to the description of Barnabas his apostle.

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Monthly Lesson(s) for the Year:
  • 1.      In this first chapter is contained the annunciation of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary concerning the birth of Jesus.
  • 2.       The warning of the angel Gabriel given to Joseph concerning the conception of the Virgin Mary (The Nativity).
  • 3.      Wonderful birth of Jesus and appearance of angels praising God.
  • 4.      Angels announce to the shepherds the birth of Jesus, and they, after having found him, announce him (Visit of the Magi)
  • 5.      Circumcision of Jesus.
  • 6.      Three magi are led by a star in the east to Judaea, and finding Jesus, make obeisance to him and gifts.
  • 7.      The visitation of Jesus by magi, and their return to their own country, with the warning of Jesus given to them in a dream.
  • 8.      Jesus is carried in flight to Egypt and Herod massacres the innocent children.
  • 9.      Jesus, having returned to Judaea, holds a wondrous disputation with the doctors, having come to the age of twelve years.
  • 10.  Jesus, at the age of thirty years, on Mount Olives, miraculously receives the gospel from the angel Gabriel.
  • 11.  Jesus miraculously heals a leper, and goes into Jerusalem.
  • 12.  First sermon of Jesus delivered to the people: wonderful in doctrine concerning the name of God.
  • 13.  The remarkable fear of Jesus and his prayer and the wonderful comfort of the angel Gabriel.
  • 14.  After the fast of forty days, Jesus chooses twelve apostles.
  • 15.  Miracle wrought by Jesus at the marriage, turning the water into wine.
  • 16.  Wonderful teachings given by Jesus to his apostles concerning conversion from the evil life (The Sermon on the Mount).
  • 17.  The Doctrine Concerning God
  • 18.  Persecution of God’s Servants
  • 19.  Jesus foretells his betrayal, and, descending from the mountain heals ten lepers.
  • 20.  Miracle on the sea wrought by Jesus, and Jesus declares where the prophet is received (Jesus stills the storm).
  • 21.  Jesus heals a demoniac, and the swine are cast into the sea. Afterwards he heals the daughter of the Canaanites (The Demons and the Swine and the Woman of Canaan).
  • 22.  Miserable condition of the uncircumcised in that a dog is better than they.
  • 23.  Origin of circumcision, and covenant of God with Abraham, and damnation of the uncircumcised.
  • 24.  Notable example how one ought to flee from banqueting and feasting.
  • 25.  How one ought to despise the flesh, and how one ought to live in the world.
  • 26.  How one ought to love God. And in this chapter is contained the wonderful contention of Abraham with his father.
  • 27.  How improper is laughter in men: also the prudence of Abraham.
  • 28.  Abraham destroys the idols.
  • 29.  God revealed to Abraham.
  • 30.  The good Samaritan.
  • 31.  The Tribute Money.
  • 32.  Supper in the Lawyer’s House (Hypocrisy and idolatry rebuked).
  • 33.  Jesus teaches humility.
  • 34.  Jesus teaches humility.
  • 35.  Satan’s fall through pride.
  • 36.  Jesus concerning prayer.
  • 37.  The prayer of Christ.
  • 38.  The prayer of Christ.
  • 39.  The fall of man.
  • 40.  Satan Tempts Eve
  • 41.  Adam and Eve Condemned.
  • 42.  Man expelled from Paradise (The Transfiguration).
  • 43.  The Doctrine of the Messiah.
  • 44.  The Lineage of the Messiah (Spiritual Endowment of Messiah).
  • 45.  Hypocrisy Rebuked.
  • 46.  The Laborers in the Vineyard.
  • 47.  No Title.
  • 48.  No Title.
  • 49.  Jesus preaches at Capernaum.
  • 50.  Jesus Concerning Judgment
  • 51.   Jesus hath Pity on Satan.
  • 52.  Satan’s Impenitence.
  • 53.  Signs of the Judgment Day.
  • 54.  Of the day of Judgment.
  • 55.  Mohammed at the Judgment.
  • 56.  Reprobates at the Judgment.
  • 57.  Concerning the judgment.
  • 58.  Concerning hell.
  • 59.  Concerning hell.
  • 60.  Concerning hell.
  • 61.  Example of the Merchant.
  • 62.  Example of the Merchant.
  • 63.  Warning against Vengeance.
  • 64.  Against Vengeance.
  • 65.  The pool called Probatica.
  • 66.  The perils of speech.
  • 67.  Against Seeking a Reward.
  • 68.  Ingratitude of Israel.
  • 69.  Dumb, Deaf, and Blind Demoniac.
  • 70.  At Caesarea Philippi.
  • 71.   A Paralytic healed.
  • 72.  Signs of the Messenger.
  • 73.  The Tempter’s Methods.
  • 74.  The sins of thought (Of keeping the heart).
  • 75.  The niggardly master.
  • 76.  The Three Vinedressers.
  • 77.  Right use of Knowledge.
  • 78.  The Value of Learning.
  • 79.  Every Nation Desireth God.
  • 80.  God Maketh No Difference.
  • 81.  The Woman of Samaria.
  • 82.  The Woman of Samaria.
  • 83.  Jesus and the Samaritan.
  • 84.  Prayer must be pure.
  • 85.  Of The True Friend.
  • 86.  Of The True Friend.
  • 87.  Of putting away offences.
  • 88.  Of putting away offences (Of forgiveness).
  • 89.  Of patience with offenders.
  • 90.  Of Faith.
  • 91.  Jesus Hailed as God.
  • 92.  Confession of Jesus.
  • 93.  Confession of Jesus.
  • 94.  Confession of Jesus.
  • 95.  Confession of Jesus.
  • 96.  Concerning the Messiah.
  • 97.  The name of the Messiah.
  • 98.  Decree of the Roman Senate.
  • 99.  Of the Jealousy of God.
  • 100.                      Of Penitence.
  • 101.                      Of Penitent Confession.
  • 102.                      Of Mourning for sin.
  • 103.                      Of Mourning for sin.
  • 104.                      Of the immensity of God.
  • 105.                      The soul and the sense.
  • 106.                      The soul and the sense.
  • 107.                      The soul and the sense.
  • 108.                      Of penitence and fasting.
  • 109.                      Of sleeping and watching.
  • 110.                      Of keeping God in Mind.
  • 111.                      Fasting, Watching, and Prayer.
  • 112.                      Jesus converses with Barnabas (Jesus predicts his humiliation).
  • 113.                      Parable of the barren fig-tree.
  • 114.                      Man is born to labor.
  • 115.                      The evils of lust.
  • 116.                      The lust of the eye.
  • 117.                      Elijah and the blind man
  • 118.                      Of guarding the eye.
  • 119.                      The evils of vain talking.
  • 120.                      Prayer instead of vain talking (of the responsibility of speech).
  • 121.                      The evils of avarice.
  • 122.                      Of the composition of man.
  • 123.                      Of the composition of man.
  • 124.                      The true teacher and the false.
  • 125.                      Of avarice and almsgiving.
  • 126.                      Mission of the disciples.
  • 127.                      Jesus preaches at Jerusalem.
  • 128.                      The Pharisee and the publican.
  • 129.                      Jesus in Simon’s house.
  • 130.                      Jesus in Simon’s house.
  • 131.                      John Eateth at Herod’s Table.
  • 132.                      Parables of the Sower and Tares.
  • 133.                      Further Parables.
  • 134.                      The parables interpreted.
  • 135.                      Of the Seven Centres of hell.
  • 136.                      Devils routed.
  • 137.                      Miracle of the Harvest.
  • 138.                      Jesus foretelleth his betrayal.
  • 139.                      Of meditation upon death.
  • 140.                      Of meditation upon death.
  • 141.                      Judas conferreth with the priests.
  • 142.                      Judas conferreth with the priests.
  • 143.                      The feast of Zacchaeus
  • 144.                      Of the origin of Pharisees.
  • 145.                      The little book of Elijah.
  • 146.                      The Prodigal Son.
  • 147.                      The True and False Pharisees.
  • 148.                      The two Hermit-Pharisees.
  • 149.                      The two Hermit-Pharisees.
  • 150.                      The two Hermit-Pharisees.
  • 151.                      The marks of the true Pharisee.
  • 152.                      Jesus and The Roman Soldiers.
  • 153.                      Miracle wrought on the soldiers.
  • 154.                      Jesus and the Doctor.
  • 155.                      Of the forbidden fruit.
  • 156.                      The man born blind.
  • 157.                      The man born blind.
  • 158.                      The world of three kinds.
  • 159.                      Of the nature of sin.
  • 160.                      Ahab and Micaiah.
  • 161.                      Of the nature of sin.
  • 162.                      Of predestination.
  • 163.                      Predestination and free-will.
  • 164.                      No predestination unto reprobation.
  • 165.                      Predestination overthroweth not freedom.
  • 166.                      No Predestination overthroweth not freedom.
  • 167.                      Predestination inscrutable.
  • 168.                      Predestination inscrutable.
  • 169.                      God the reward of his servants.
  • 170.                      God the reward of his servants.
  • 171.                      God the reward of his servants.
  • 172.                      God the reward of his servants.
  • 173.                      God the reward of his servants.
  • 174.                      God the reward of his servants.
  • 175.                      Of the body in paradise.
  • 176.                      Of the body in paradise.
  • 177.                      Diverse degrees of glory.
  • 178.                      Of the greatness of paradise.
  • 179.                      Of man’s  merit.
  • 180.                      Of man’s  merit.
  • 181.                      Of man’s  merit.
  • 182.                      Of man’s  merit.
  • 183.                      The penitent craveth punishment.
  • 184.                      Of true humility.
  • 185.                      Haggai and Hosea.
  • 186.                      Haggai and Hosea.
  • 187.                      Haggai and Hosea.
  • 188.                      Haggai and Hosea.
  • 189.                      The sun standeth still.
  • 190.                      Scripture corrupted by tradition.
  • 191.                      Messiah springeth from Ishmael.
  • 192.                      Lazarus is sick.
  • 193.                      Jesus at the Tomb of Lazarus.
  • 194.                      The raising of Lazarus.
  • 195.                      Jesus in the house of Lazarus.
  • 196.                      Jesus in the house of Lazarus.
  • 197.                      Jesus in the house of Lazarus.
  • 198.                      Of death and its teachings.
  • 199.                      Of mercy and merit.
  • 200.                      Jesus entereth into Jerusalem.
  • 201.                      The woman taken in adultery.
  • 202.                      Of the righteous unrighteous.
  • 203.                      God’s judgment on Jerusalem.
  • 204.                      God’s Judgment on Jersusalem.
  • 205.                      In the House of Simon The Leper.
  • 206.                      Jesus disputeth with the high priest.
  • 207.                      Jesus stoned by the Jew’s.
  • 208.                      Jesus stoned by the Jew’s.
  • 209.                      Gabriel comforteth Mary.
  • 210.                      Conspiracy of the Rulers Against Jesus.
  • 211.                      Prayer of Jesus.
  • 212.                      Prayer of Jesus.
  • 213.                      Prayer of Jesus.
  • 214.                      Prayer of Jesus.
  • 215.                      The Paschal Supper.
  • 216.                      Judas betrayeth his master.
  • 217.                      Judas betrayeth his master.

Judas Transformed.

Judas before the high priest.

Judas before Pilate.

Judas scourged and mocked.

  • 218.                      Judas Crucified.
  • 219.                      Jesus appeareth to his friends.
  • 220.                      Jesus and the four angels (Jesus chargeth Barnabas to Write).
  • 221.                      Jesus carried up to Heaven.
  • End of the Gospel.

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