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This is a real life financial education and not based upon the sale of consumer products and services, just a straight forward moral, ethical, financial and legal education, designed to stimulate our families and communities into action. I watch the show American Greed, and even a few stories during the financial meltdown, came across my desk, of how people were being scammed for $80,000, $100,000, $800,000 on up, on a scheme which made no economic or financial sense at all. This course will prevent you from being ripped off and separated from your life savings one day, and/or from being the person doing the ripping off.

The fatal mistake that African Americans and others make is that they say, "show me" that it works. Unfortunately, they don't know what they are looking for, other than the outward appearance of success, which is only the outward appearance. People want to see someone who looks successful, talks pretty, and drives a fancy car. The person could not even be old enough to know anything about which they speak, but the glamour is on and you get caught in the emotion of "Show Me"  and get tricked. 

An investment in this program, may actually save your financial future. I have so many more examples of financial illiteracy which is causing a plague of criminal activity and homelessness in our communities. Finally, we want to teach our children how to be honest and have integrity in all their dealings. This is an education about life, with a master's degree in Financial literacy thrown in. This a process, not an event, so ENJOY!

I pray that you will join this ministry that God has put on my heart and that I have worked so hard to create. Remember Noah and the ark? I have met with a lot of individuals and business persons over the years, and I do believe that your questions and answers to relevant issues raised by you are represented throughout the text, as well.

The questions are the same barriers to success. For example, What's in it for me? Does it work? Just get the "book", and enroll. It may sit on your shelf for a whole year, and eventually you will hear it calling to you, and you will be able to pick it up, and then the journey will begin for you. Each person matures differently, but by studying the same American Dream game plan, you will eventually mature and not deviate from the true course of rectitude, generation after generation. And if you are interested in transforming our families, making money and then keeping some of it, this course is for you.

Through your membership donation of only $20 per month. I guarantee you that you will gain and have access to a storehouse of blessings. It will be profitable to tell a friend about how good God is and how God can have a positive impact in your life and cash flow. God is about prosperity! 

Keep God First and remember Money is only a Tool!

Let us make this a American thing. Go to website and go to Membership.

Our Next Home Study Series being created, will introduce you to Ancient African History, Ancient and Modern Religious History AND African American History, so you can have a perspective, not being taught in our schools;

Next Series will be on Relationships and Economics.

We will also discuss Health and Wellness and Economics.

Our free website always puts your spiritual and personal development into perspective. 
Heaven on Earth is a positive Cash Flow!

This information coupled with your normal education and life experience will definitely bring us closer together as a productive Nation.

In time as membership grows, we will develop 11 other specialized ministries which cover all aspects of science, technology, engineering,  and modern life making sure our children are qualified for current and future business and job opportunities. Building a New America which blesses the world. With your support we can make education affordable to everyone.
A financial education is available which everyone will need.

Peace and Blessings!
Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.

Am I my brother's keeper? 
Yes You Are!

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 I want to get your attention right now. I want you to try something different. I want you to see past the color of these issues, if that happens to be one of your shortcomings.
I realize that maybe too many Black people don't think they can learn from somebody that looks like them. I heard a black female preacher say on television say one day, that a black man couldn't each her anything, and if she needed to know something, she would call a white man. I couldn't believe she actually said that in her message, and the young lady I was watching it with, got so angry, and jumped and actually called the station. I never saw that female minister on television again. I was in shock, but, that is the way a lot of black people think, because they are unable to think past their present condition and see themselves differently. I'm sure she thought that this would make, white people happy and increase her ratings. 
I also remember when President Obama was elected the first time in 2008. Another black female evangelist at church ran around the church and said the world is going to come to an end, since we now had a black president. 
However, the reason for this dilemma is being addressed in both of the articles herein, "How to Make a Slave". Our community is negatively affected, with this mental disease and defect within our community, affecting both Black male and female relationships, in different ways, which is causing poverty and despair. 
Change starts in our minds!
Our goal is to provide a color blind study experience by developing a community dialogue on the solution of poverty and despair. I want to assist my membership in developing the whole person, in their Mind, Body and Soul. Because of the great technology, you can have access to the material 24/7. It also allows us to educate millions people at a time at an extraordinary low price.
  $19.99 per month is extremely reasonable. Compared to my hourly rate from $225 to $325 per hour as an attorney to get you out of trouble, when it is too late. People call me "after" a trial, and ask, can I get out of this judgement? This is unbeweavable! Sorry!
So for a year of solid advice and hundreds of hours of lessons, you can learn about subjects, you would have never been exposed to, until it was too late, to do anything. 
You will also have live internet access to various other programming, helping the parent with raising themselves and productive citizens. The course leaves no one behind starting at only $240.00 for the year or a mere $19.99 per month. You chose your own payment plan.
Before the cell phone everyone said they didn't have any money, now people pay on average $100 per month, just to talk and gossip.  

A whole year of specialized knowledge for the price of just one or two attorney hours, to educate you AND your family before you get into trouble or ripped off again. There is a legal pre paid business out there that people are paying $19.99 each month, to get them out of trouble - one day. Talk about investing in and projecting your own doom. 
That is totally insane!
  This opportunity before you, will create and/or save your life fortune one day.  No matter where a person is in their spiritual growth and financial development, there is a place for you to fit into this ministry with your Time, Talents, and Treasures. Our free website and video sermons provide spiritual lessons to help with the individuals psychological conditioning to accept blessings and prosperity.
Boardwalk Management and Investment Group is our business and legal department to help you to accomplish your dreams, goals, visions AND business operations, when you are ready. 

In the meantime various lectures and seminars are available on our website. I am also available for sermons, seminars and brief speaking engagements.
This is a personal ministry of reflection and growth. An individual can study and grow in the privacy of their own home, one person at a time. This is not a one way ministry. This ministry believes especially when it comes to tithing, that fair exchange is not robbery. So, in exchange for your blessings in the form of purchases and donations, the Pastor, will pray for your spiritual well being and prosperity, while he work's with you and provides you the tools to achieve your goals.
Our company will provide home study materials, online lectures, online and personal access to our business and legal services, in order to help you to clean up your house and start moving forward with a more enlightened, 
"Life Plan". 

Our "Tithing Plan" (Contribute 10% of your Time, Talents, and Treasures into your Education and Personal Development) adds substance to your life and lays a solid foundation upon which you can build, grow and prosper. 

Copyright 1996-2023

Disclaimer: This is a membership website and its content is for educational and business development purposes only. Our Founder, Pastor and CEO, Claud A. Sinclair, is an Ordained Minister in Life and not Death. He is a licensed Attorney going on 23 years, in the State of California, who believes that if a person is properly groomed and developed and given the proper tools for success, they can and will become a beacon of light in their own life and a creator/blessing to those they come into contact. This is his vision of a 21st Century Ministry, a wealth creation and preservation membership, which requires like any other Ministry, a portion of the members Time, Talents and Treasures to dedicate in self study and group participation in the areas of spiritual attainment, history, politics, personal and business management, law and critical thinking. The membership is an investment in yourself just like any other educational and personal development program, but we concentrate on understanding ourselves and the world we live in order to become more competitive. In essence we take our reality based Faith and put it to Work. This 21st Century Ministry is like no other, because is not a 1 way transaction, but 2 way transaction where blessings and opportunities flow both ways. As individuals, we spend countless years and resources seeking wealth and prosperity, but we really don't understand the fundamentals of wealth creation, accumulation and preservation, which is because of our lack of knowledge in this area.  So, this is a non expensive supplemental education that can be introduced into your homes in order to help our young men and women,  both young and old, become better informed and educated members within an ever evolving competitive world. One of the biggest problems that we face is the proper creation, accumulation and preservation of wealth, while creating the infrastructure of generational wealth, which is the passing of wealth from one generation to the next. This means that each individual and generation must be properly educated and financially savvy enough to handle wealth, without bickering and fighting among one another. Take the time to go through each step of the 12 step process, which has been created for your overall personal growth and financial development. This membership will enhance your life, JOIN NOW! 

Please note, that if professional or legal advice is needed it is recommended that you seek a competent professional with the knowledge and skills necessarily related to your particular area of interest.

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